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RARE Drug Development Symposium: Strategies for Small Patient Populations

Learn how to leverage your Small Patient Population's specific advantages to enact flexibility in rare disease regulation. While research for small patient populations presents its own challenges, Dr. Tricia Gooljarsingh, Dr. Matt Might, and James Valentine, all address strategic ways to address them.

RARE Drug Development Symposium: Developing Legal Agreements in Research Collaborations

**Day 1:** Learn how to navigate the complicated field of legal agreements when it comes to establishing a partnership in rare disease research. Emily Milligan of the Barth Syndrome Foundation and Dr. Imran Babar of Cydan talk about the strategies they have found to be most effective. **Day 2:** Learn how to navigate…

NEXT 2021: A Time for Resilience and Ingenuity

**Introduction: Rare Disease in the Time of the Pandemic** In December 10, 2019, Wei Guixian was selling shrimp at her stall at the Huanan market in Wuhan, China when she began to feel ill. She felt she had developed the flu and went to a local clinic for treatment before returning to work. She returned to the clinic…

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