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Developing Partnerships Among Rare Communities and Individuals

There are significant advantages to be gained from partnerships where individuals and groups work together – combining resources, offering complementary activities, and expanding target audiences. Meet experts that have cultivated strong partnerships between patients, advocacy groups and other stakeholders. Discover h…

Capacity Building Strategies: Managing Volunteers

[Capacity Building Strategies: Managing Volunteers][1] from [Global Genes][2] on [Vimeo][3]. [1]: [2]: [3]:

Leveraging Digital Tools for Reach and Impact

Technology has empowered individuals to reach larger audiences, raise awareness, and drive change. Explore ways to leverage digital tools to strengthen your network across the globe. Hear from a panel of experts that promote global engagement, manage remote teams, and support innovative research efforts to find treatm…

Early Drug Development What Patients Bring

The drug development process is often lengthy and requires many resources. In this session, receive a comprehensive overview of the early stages of the drug development process and learn how advocates can help develop these needed resources and push their communities forward. Speakers: Laura King Edwards, Steven Gray…

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