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Building a Research Strategy Roadmap for Your Organization
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*Recommended for Patients/Advocates


Strategizing for Success: Developing a Research Strategy for Your Foundation:

  • Foundational elements of building a research development strategy for patient advocacy groups
  • Tactics to scale operations and leverage resources for maximum impact
  • Discuss how to identify the people and resources you’ll need to support your research strategy and operations
  • Identify common pitfalls or missteps in early research and how can you avoid them


Building a High-Impact Medical/Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Develop an MSAB that will drive ROI for your community and organization
  • Finding and identifying the right researchers, advisors, and partners who will help you drive research in an MSAB
  • Developing goals, governance, and expectations to ensure that your MSAB is effective in supporting your organization
  • Examples of ways in which MSABs can bridge gaps between science, researchers, and patients


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